Holy Week.

Hey! I already missed blogging, for real. Well, I was under academic pressure for the past years and my pastime of blogging was placed on queue for long. So, I’m back to what I really love.

Palm Sunday (April 1) marks the start of the Holy Week, one of the most celebrated events of the Catholic Church. Most of the world knew that majority of Filipinos are Catholic, hence being the country having the largest number of Catholics in Asia.

By the way, Holy Week is locally called Semana Santa and Cuaresma (fourtieth). It is one of the events commemorated and celebrated by Filipino Catholics in respect to the death of the Savior and His Resurrection on the “Third day”.

During the Holy Week, many traditions are practiced by Filipinos all around the world (thanks to the existence of Overseas Filipino Workers in almost every country) that helped them strengthen their faith to God the almighty Father.

One of them is the Pabasa or Pasyon, or the reading of Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection. I am very sure most of the youth don’t participate in the Pabasa, but there have been ways of encouraging them to join the devotees and also lead in some parts of it; such as rapping, and singing it more lively.

Another is the Visita Iglesia or the visiting of seven (sometimes nine) Catholic churches. My family practice these on Holy Thursday, and we do it together. Visita Iglesia is aimed to meditate the Stations of the Cross, and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) had launched last year its Visita Iglesia Online (to visit: http://visitaiglesia.net/2012/) to enable Filipinos abroad to practice the tradition without the need of going back home, and also for Filipinos who cannot practice the said tradition due to time constraints related to work (Hospitals, BPO centers, Police and Fire departments).

In the end, we could practice the Holy Week in our respective homes, and God would want it even more if we are to communicate with Him more personally through solemn prayer. Although we are practicing different beliefs, but we are still worshiping the same God and in that, He is listening to our prayers all the time.

Have a Blessed Holy Week, and God bless us all!


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  1. kailangan pa ba mag comment lex? 🙂

  2. Karlo Alexie Puerto

    No, not really. But comments are really appreciated. 🙂

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