(Update) How evident is our faith

O, Happy Easter everyone! It was evident to some that while the others are on vacation, many are still in their respective houses and join the Catholic Church in commemoration of the Easter triduum, from Holy Thursday to Black Saturday; and the Holy Week as a whole.

I am a Catholic by faith, but I had this question in mind: is our faith evident in our daily activities and wordings?

This question came to my mind when I saw this photo by Davaoeño photographer Karlos Manlupig. (check his blog: http://karlosmanlupig.wordpress.com)

Photo courtesy: Karlos Manlupig

Seeing this photo kinda disturbed me, not only because of the half-naked man (charge it to the church dress code displayed outside the premises), but also to the guard’s approach in letting the man go out of the church.

There could have been more polite ways of letting the man out for not following the specified dress code, such as telling him personally and kindly to get out from the premises or yet, asking him to go the parish office to explain his side.

Update: This photo was already picked up by GMA News Online, local GMA News and local ABS-CBN news outlets.


Another photo of mine, taken the evening of Good Friday, during the kissing of the feet of Jesus. The passageway to the altar was blocked and people were made to fall in line from the back, then to the side, creating queue lines and having them go near the figure in batches.

Photo of line queue at the back of the Cathedral

After a while, the priests and the other church staff arrived from the procession and they were intended to pass at the middle. While their passageway is prepared, the barricades were removed, and people started to use this open passage to get near the figure.

The line of priests and the lay staff, with the townsfolk following after.

One of the lay ministers spoke using the microphone, reminding the people to follow the line. After that statement, people came rushing out and were overtaking those who stayed in line from the beginning of their wait, which included children and elderly.

Those who were not in line overtaking the people who patiently waited for their turn.

It could have been better if the people respected and understood the little sacrifice that those in line are experiencing just to go near the figure of Jesus Christ. They should be Christian enough to follow instructions, and concern others’ welfare aside from themselves.


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