Davao: Feeling rural in the middle of the metropolis (part 1)

Part 1 of 2

I remember it when Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 housemate Tom Doromal was given the title, “Bukid Prince ng Davao,” it comes to mind how come they say that Davao is in fact a bukid?

Personally, I can still feel Davao’s being rural in a way, because of what the place possesses that lure tourists and migrants to stay here for long and settle here; and that there are really parts of Davao (as a region) that can still be considered a rural area.

But, this is not the emphasis of today’s blog post. It is about the rural feel of Davao City, even though it is considered as the shopping, dining, education and business enclave of Southern Mindanao.

Now, let me enumerate to you why it is an urban (a highly urbanized city, in fact) area:

  1. Davao City is the shopping mecca of Southern Mindanao. This can be proven with the existence of different shopping enclaves  around the city, mostly spread out within the downtown area to some concentrated areas. Examples of them include malls, shopping complexes and also includes the so-called ukay-ukay or the ready-to-wear merchandise imported from other countries;
  2. It is also the Gateway to this part of the country. It currently has the busiest airport in Mindanao, and one of the busiest seaport hubs in the island;
  3. The most populated city outside Metro Manila. This may sound bad, but actually 2-3 million daytime population is good, to think that the city has 2,400 square kilometers of space;
  4. Businesses and investments are flourishing there and then. Investors, either local, national and international, are now reconsidering to expand their businesses here in the city for the large market that is still untapped;
  5. Improved traffic situation and continuing works for drainage maintenance. Davao City has one of the most modern traffic signals in the country and works are underway to make the city lesser prone to floods;
  6. Competent emergency response system. Davao City has introduced its own version of USA’s 911 and made it available to all residents for free, from telephones and mobile phones

There are actually a lot of reasons as to why, and as I see them along, I will be adding them in this post.

By the way, the second part will explain why it is also considered a rural area, amidst it being a city.


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