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Summer (officially)


Very hot, isn’t it? Haha


The freshman epilogue

A lot of significant events are lined up for March: the official start of the Philippine summer season (thank you, PAGASA), the early celebration of the Holy Week, and the commencement exercises of our dear graduating students. In my case, my first year as a college student now comes to an end.

Disclaimer: this blog post is dedicated to my beloved school families (yes, families)This post is full of ‘thank yous’, maybe you’ll get annoyed in between.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to my family, my relatives and friends (from outside school) who supported my endeavor in the Ateneo. Even with all the struggles for financial stability, my parents and relatives made sure that I will get the best education available. They supported my course of choice, even if they have a better alternative. And for their encouraging deeds and sacrifices, I don’t even know how to pay you fully, aside from being able to graduate with flying colors.

I would also like to thank my blockmates (or what appropriate term should I call them) for being with me throughout school year 2012-2013. We may have petty arguments or misunderstandings, but I would like to apologize to whatever they may be. To be honest, I was very happy with your company, which made me conclude that you guys gave my freshman year a bang! Now, I can proudly say that I AM FROM SECTION T, because I’m Sec-T and I know it! ❤ (emphasis intended) Mark my word folks, you will never be forgotten. Keep it up!

I would also like to thank my FYSEC family (First Year Student Executive Council), headed by First Year Representatives Michael Zachary Leyson (oha, complete name!) and Roren John Ong. Thank you for the trust that you have given me, although I was only able to serve the group as Logistics Committee Head for about four months. The time may be short for me to get closer to the staff, but I was happy that they welcomed me with open arms. Hats off!

To my Team Logistics (as I refer them), thank you for being cooperative and supportive of me as your head (albeit only for a short span). There may have been some miscommunication between us, but rest assured that you are one among the best groups that I’ve worked with.

To my bestfriends (you know who you are, para walang hindi malimutan), I love you! Thank you for embracing me even with all the flaws that I have committed, and for comforting me whenever tough challenges come our way. United we stand, divided we fall, okay? 🙂

And last but not the least, my heartfelt thanks to the Father Almighty for supporting me all the way. With the different levels of challenges that you have given me, I now became stronger and and I am more than ready to face the prologue of my sophomore life. I would like to ask your absolution with everything that I’ve wronged and am still asking for your guidance and protection against uncertainty.

Another chapter has been closed, and another one is about to be opened. For all the people involved to the success of my freshman year, my greatest thank you is all I can give you (for now).

Ad Maiorem dei Gloriam!

Video anecdote: This is my freshman year, together with my blockmates. Video credit goes to blockmate Vanessa Kate Madrazo Naks, galing talaga!