How was #Kadayawan2013?

Before I continue with this post, I would like to take this opportunity to greet everyone, Happy Kadayawan and Madayaw Dabaw!


I started going out on the streets during the festivities of the city in the last year’s Kadayawan Festival, and was followed by the Araw ng Dabaw this March. Now that I have a better chance of joining the festivities, let me give a run-down of how I saw this year’s celebration with the theme: “Pagseguro sa Makanunayong Kaayo.

Davao River Festival

Photo of the Davao River Festival. Courtesy of Davao Today/Ace Morandante

Friday, August 16, was the date of the revival of the Fluvial Float Parade at the stretch of the Davao River. I was not able to witness personally the event, but I find it a very historic comeback because aside from it being last held five years ago, it is a celebration of the city’s progress and the river’s significance in the development of the city into one of the most important metropolitan cities of the Philippines.

Indak-indak sa Kadalanan

Saturday, meanwhile, is the day that I was personally present to witness the festivities. This year’s street dance parade featured 23 participants, an increase from last year’s 21. It took them almost the whole day to finish the presentation, declaring winners for the Davao-based category and Open category late in the afternoon, after the final staging at San Pedro Street.

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For the Davao-based category, the champion was Holy Cross of Calinan, and was followed by Magallanes Elementary School and Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Sr. Central Elementary School for the first and second runners-up, respectively. Meanwhile in the open category, the champion was Panay National High School, followed by Tribu sa Lalan and Tribu sa Talaingod.

Pamulak sa Kadayawan

This event is what I consider as the de facto culminating activity for Kadayawan. Held on a Sunday, it features the abundance of nature with the use of flowers and fruits to be displayed in the moving floats, a concept also similar to what is done during the Rose Parade. I was not able to watch it personally, but merely watching them on television lets me appreciate the beauty and quality of Davao’s produce.

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Here are the winners for this year’s Pamulak sa Kadayawan:

  • Non-Motorized 2 Wheel Category
    • First Place – Dingredients
    • Second Place – Davao Horse Club
    • Third Place – Don Julian Rodriguez Senior Elementary School
  • Small Category
    • First Place – Brgy. Council of Brgy. Hizon
    • Second Place – Synnex/Concentrix
    • Third Place – Davao City Cooperative Development Council
  • Big Category
    • First Place – Coca Cola Philippines Inc.
    • Second Place – Jimms Coffee Mix
    • Third Place – Ines Flower Shop

Media and Celebrities

This year’s media coverage is similar to what has been practiced for the past years. ABS-CBN and GMA pioneered their multi-platform special live coverage of the festivities. They have live points in the two staging areas (Roxas Avenue, fronting Ateneo de Davao University; and San Pedro Street) and also have stringers in the route of the parade. They also have their live streaming sites up, with Sun.Star joining the two in bringing live images from San Pedro.

Even with the imminent danger surrounding populous areas, celebrities still came to the city in different batches. The celebrity mall shows and appearances started as early as Thursday, all the way up to Sunday. In each day, simultaneous mall shows are being held, which is also an assurance that no danger can stop the Kadayawan fever.

Safety and Security

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The city government of Davao has beefed up its security measures by asking the Task Force Davao, barangay police and other NGOs to augment the police forces guarding the audience. The festival also was the start of service of the newly-acquired AmbuBus, capable of giving medical services to more patients simultaneously.


As a resident of the city, I still find it consistent with its goals of celebrating the abundance of nature and the showcase of our origin in the modern times. I am hopeful that I get to experience the same Kadayawan next year – or even better – that locals and foreigners alike will enjoy this one-of-a-kind celebration.

Madayaw Dabaw! Happy 28th Kadayawan festival!


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