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Globe Tattoo review

NOTE: This post wasn’t paid for by Globe Telecom, Innove Telecommunications or any other agency affiliated to Globe Telecom.

It was in the news that Globe Telecoms’ massive USD$790 million network modernization program is now underway, and the first to benefit the said program is Davao.

I had the Globe Tattoo Sonic stick (priced around Php 1,300). I won it in the raffle yesterday in the Social Media Day 2012 Davao event, but it was actually the Sun Broadband Wireless that I should be receiving. I traded it with a friend who had the Globe Tattoo, together with the load that I had also won in the said raffle.

Physical form

The form of the Globe Tattoo Sonic stick was not that attractive or dull. But, the new logo looks stylish and elegant (for me), and I was glad that they haven’t used the sticker logo (like they used before with the older Huawei E1552, when they changed Visibility and/or Speak ‘n Surf with Tattoo).


The dashboard program of Globe Tattoo is the same as before, but they have changed the logo and the color scheme of the interface.

Globe Tattoo Dashboard


Globe’s network here in Davao City is mostly on HSDPA or high-speed downlink packet access (in my tests so far) and is very reliable up to our house’s interior. Although it is still in HSDPA, speed was decently good, most especially in the download segment. But there are plans of utilizing the HSPA+ connections by late 2012, and I think this will also be carried out together with the modernization program. Competitor Smart Communications had already rolled out some HSPA+ spots in Davao, but I cannot confirm unless I can hold of the SmartBRO USB dongle that can support the HSPA+ network.


The speed of the Tattoo (or any mobile internet connection) cannot be compared to a residential/business DSL connection, since they are different in nature. As of the last time I used SmartBRO (that was April), Globe’s speed is far more superior than the former.

I made a stress test with the Globe Tattoo and here is what I’ve got.

Test # 1. Direct download in Google Chrome.

Test # 2. Direct download using Internet Download Manager

Test # 3. Direct download using IDM for the second time

Test # 4: YouTube streaming test, not to scale speed consistency

Test # 5.1. Using Skype in the Tattoo-connected device. Other pair uses residential DSL connection (BayanDSL)

Test # 5.2. The other side of the video call. results using Globe Business server (Mandaluyong) results using NewMedia Express server, Singapore

Loading and promos

Since this is a newly-activated connection, I am availing the free 120 hours of internet, valid for 5 days upon texting. If you are buying one soon, don’t forget to text FREE5 to 8888 to activate the free hours.

After the 5 days and/or the 120 hours have been consumed (whichever happens first), you can reload Php50 and register SUPERSURF50 to 8888, and response is a breeze. Take note: The SUPERSURF50 has been limited to 800MB per day. Another tip: register with the SUPERSURF50 during the night. When you exceed the 800MB, you will be disconnected from the internet, and you could only be back when the date has already changed. Strange, eh?


In my own assessment, Globe Tattoo is far more superior that its rival SmartBRO in the part of the country. It may be caused of the network’s modernization project that started in Davao City, calling it as the “Davao Pilot Project.” The speed is already good for downloading and video streaming, but torrents are somehow throttled to a maximum of 50kB/s (or half of what you can experience with direct downloads).

Hoping that this guide can help you decide on choosing the right mobile broadband for you. Better yet, ask a neighbor using a mobile broadband, borrow the dongle and test it for yourself if in doubt.

Any comments are welcome.