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Frustrations of being in a middle-class family.

Many people around me would think that I belong to a well-off family, especially when they see me bring a laptop almost every day (starting January 2012, because of a project in TLE) or see my Foursquare check-ins being on an expensive restaurant, but that doesn’t really speak of what our family’s financial status is and would be in the near future.

I wanted to own many material things in life, especially when I saw every single day at school students bringing their DSLR cameras, iPads, Android tablets, smartphones, or laptops that they could call their own. Also seeing social network posts that were made from applications in iOS, Android or any other smartphone maker flames up my desire to have them, even though I knew for a fact that it isn’t a necessity or if it would still be that useful after college (maybe the laptop could be an exception to that generalization).

My father is a carpool driver and operator (and yes, I am proud to say that) and my mother is a government employee. They gave me all the needs of our family, and gave us a little of our wants such as our home internet connection.

But who am I to complain about my life? I should even thank them for being able to provide us everything we need 24/7/365 and for being with us whether we need them. We should be thankful enough that we can eat 3 times a day (actually, 4 to 5) and we can sleep in an air-conditioned room. Well, that’s so much to enumerate.

In summary, we should all be contented of what God has given us. He made some of us rich because He wants them to be good to their unfortunate brothers and sisters, and not only to make themselves richer. He also made the less unfortunate because He wants them to be courageous enough to face all the trials of life, and accompany the rich in solving problems that they aren’t prepared of.


I am writing this post because I had this experience wherein some girls continuously poked me and they wanted to be photographed, and granting them a simple request is a heart-lightening experience 🙂 I knew for a fact that they cannot afford having a digital camera and have themselves photographed for their Facebook profiles (I doubt if they don’t have).

Photo of girls